3 Tips for Moving Day from Our Realtors on South Padre Island

Are you planning to buy a new home in South Padre Island this year? While house-hunting can be exciting, moving in might not. Many stressors can arise while moving, including fragile items breaking, having too much clutter, and much more! Prevent stress and use these three tips from our realtors in South Padre Island to make your... read more

Check Out an Investment Property for Sale on South Padre Island at 3901 Padre Blvd.!

If you’re looking to start a business or have already done so and are operating from home, then there’s a chance you'll benefit from a new commercial property. Instead of spending hours looking for a location, check out our list of commercial properties for sale on South Padre Island! One such property, located at 3901 Padre Blvd.,... read more

Why Living in South Padre Island in 2021 Looks so Bright!

For many, 2021 means a new start, especially after a rough 2020. Some may even use this chance to purchase a new home. South Padre Island offers many properties that provide that desired luxury lifestyle you’re looking for with the comforts of home. We want to share a few reasons why you’ll want to relocate... read more

A Few Features to Look for During Your Condo Search in South Padre Island

What are you looking for in a new home? Is it square footage? How about proximity to schools and city hotspots? If you’re looking for something specific, like a condominium, then know that many in South Padre Island are upscale and offer countless enticing features. We’d like to highlight them below, so read on! Indoor Accommodations... read more

3 Benefits of Buying a Condominium on South Padre Island

There are countless living choices to consider if you’re on the search for a new residence. Houses, apartments, condominiums, duplexes, etc. each have their pros and cons. On South Padre Island, the pros of living in a condo far outweigh the cons, and Troy Giles Realty is here to discuss them with you! If you’re... read more

A Few FAQ’s on the Process of Condominium-Hunting this Season.

If you’re house-hunting for the first time, then you may find the process to be overwhelming. No worries, because our real estate agents in South Padre Island can assist you! In order to best do that, we feel that it's important to familiarize yourself with a few frequently asked questions (FAQs). Check them out below.... read more

Enjoy the Holidays at Your New Home at the Bridgepoint Condominiums!

Finding a residence that fulfills your dreams of a holiday getaway with a homey touch can be tough these days. But on South Padre Island, your dream is waiting to come true! Here, you’ll be surrounded by natural wonders, incredible seafood restaurants, and luxurious waterfront properties! This holiday season, consider making your relocation to a... read more

3 Tips to Saving Money While House-Hunting on South Padre Island!

Looking for a new home requires a lot of patience to avoid becoming stressed. If you feel disappointed because this time of year is making it hard to find that perfect residence, then fear not! Fall is the perfect season to purchase a house because, due to the upcoming holidays, you may be able to... read more

A Few Things You Should Know About as a Home Buyer or Seller on South Padre Island!

Earlier this year, the housing market lending rate was 3% and lower for homebuyers. Although this has encouraged people to purchase a home with an affordable mortgage, real estate tends to be a seller’s market. This means that houses are slowly rising in price, and there’s high demand for people to purchase a home now but the... read more

Enjoy the Fall Season by Investing in a Condominium on South Padre Island!

As work and school continue, you and your family will need a place to escape the hassles of life! Avoid traveling during the pandemic and, instead, stay at one of the many condominiums for sale on South Padre Island! There are plenty of waterfront properties to take advantage of this fall while the housing market... read more