Having a Christmas Weekend Holiday at South Padre Island with Great Events and a Beautiful Residence!

Every year when the holidays roll around, it’s easy to fall into the routine of celebration. Remaining indoors is no way to spend Christmas, though, especially when there’s sunshine almost year-round in the Valley. If you’ve been thinking about relocating the family to a friendly, beautiful and welcoming locale, then consider South Padre Island! Not only is the region beautiful almost 365 days a year, it’s also host to several great events, one of which is the Lights Over South Padre Island holiday parade. With several opportunities to own some beautiful real estate at SPI, rather than make the long treks for these events, take a short drive instead as a permanent resident!

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Let the Holidays Begin at SPI

As we said before, the island has plenty of events lined up during the holiday season, but the most popular is probably the Lights Out Over South Padre Island parade. On Friday, December 1st, the festivities will begin with a special lighting of the Christmas tree at city hall. From there, a parade will run through Padre Boulevard from Mars Street to Kingfish Street. This will go on between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

On Saturday, December 2nd, the fun will continue with “Children’s Wonderland” at Jim’s Pier. The island’s fishing landmark will be transformed into a gigantic playground that will include inflatables and an obstacle course. It will be free for all kids! That evening, the city will add its own unique spin on the holidays with a lighted boat parade. The vessels will begin at South Point Marina with judging at Jim’s Pier. Finally, on Sunday, it’s breakfast with Santa at the Schlitterbahn Beach Resort. It will be free for kids 11 and under and will only be $3 for kids aged 12 and over. And, while the festivities are going on for the kids, there’s something for the rest of the family.

A Holiday Fishing Weekend

Coinciding with this special weekend’s holiday atmosphere is the inaugural Elite Redfish Series Western Division Championship Tournament. Partnering with the City of South Padre Island, the Elite Redfish Series is the highest professional level that anglers from across the country can join. The tournament is scheduled for December 1st through the 3rd, and spectators will also be able to watch the three-day competition. South Padre Island is home to world-class fishing and holds many tournaments throughout the year, and the Elite Redfish Tournament will only involve artificial bait.

Staying at the Bay

To better enjoy these events, instead of making long trips for just a single weekend, wouldn’t it be better to live nearby and enjoy this and other events throughout the year? Consider a condo at the Las Velas Village! These three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom condominiums are perfect for getting away from your busy life to relax. Whether it’s with family or a significant other, Las Velas has you covered. These brand-new condos are over 1,500 square feet in size and have a contemporary interior design with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. It’s located on the bay and boat slips surround the complex, making this location perfect for anglers.

Let’s Get Started

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