Find Beautiful Property at South Padre Island and Enjoy Many Exciting Events!

What could be more exciting than finding a beautiful piece of seaside land? South Padre Island has several areas available for purchase, and the location itself is known for hosting many exciting events each year that appeal to different interests! We understand that purchasing property can be time-consuming and expensive, but with Troy Giles Realty, it doesn’t have to be! Our real estate agents will be with you every step of the way, making the experience well worth it.

If you’re a fisherman looking for the best piece of land at South Padre Island, contact Troy Giles Realty today to get started on your search!

Why South Padre Island?

There are many interests out there, and fishing is quite a popular one. How can one live on beautiful South Padre Island without wanting to fish every once in a while? Whether you’re into onshore, offshore or even deep-sea fishing, SPI has you covered, which is a fact not lost on the folks who make this beautiful location their home.

With us, finding real estate for avid fishers is common. Office Manager Melissa Clarke explained by saying, “When clients are looking for spots to park their boats, we readily have realty available to meet their needs.”

There are also several shopping locations on the island strip that visitors and locals love. And to top it all off, the island has several great events every year that garner huge popularity. Some of these include fireworks shows, concerts and the very popular Beach-N-Biker Fest for you motorcycle enthusiasts. Imagine how much fun you and your family can have with so much to do on the island.

Just One Event to Look Forward To!

While we’re on the topic of fishing, here’s one event that might pique your interest. The largest saltwater fishing tournament in Texas will showcase the excellent fishing game in and around Laguna Madre Bay and Gulf of Mexico. The 77th Annual Texas International Fishing Tournament is scheduled for August 3rd through the 7th and now is the time many locals will prepare.

The legendary tournament has become a staple of featured yearly events at South Padre Island. The annual celebration is expected to attract 1,500 anglers and 500 boats. An estimated 10,000 spectators will show up to see the impressive catches. This is a fisherman’s dream, and if you are looking to purchase a fine piece of property on the island, TIFT is the perfect example of why you should reach out to us to get the process started.

Get the Beach Ball Rolling

Grand events and ceremonies like this occur year-round in South Padre Island. This ideal fishing haven is also a favorite destination for business owners looking to open a service-oriented company, retirees looking for warmer climate and homeowners wanting additional property. Contact our realtors in South Padre Island to connect you with a piece of commercial or residential real estate that fits your ideals and lifestyle.

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