Make Your Fourth of July Special at South Padre Island with This Beautiful Location!

This year, the Fourth of July will land on a Wednesday, meaning one thing: spending several days at the beach! There are plenty of activities for the entire family to do in South Padre Island, plus there’s also first-class dining and nightlife options unparalleled anywhere else in the Valley. Don’t spend this Independence Day landlocked, get out and have some fun in the sun!

A Fireworks Show to Remember

Every year, SPI has a spectacular firework show that lights up the Laguna Madre Bay. People on both sides of the Bay can enjoy the spectacle that will add to an already memorable experience at the island. With five-star dining and beautiful beaches, you’ll have a recipe for an incredible time!

A Unique Home

Spending several days at the Island can be pricey if you’re planning on a hotel stay. The great thing is that Troy Giles Realty has several residences on the market for you to call home for future visits! One such location is a two-story teal home that sits beside the Laguna Madre Bay and is only blocks from where the annual fireworks show will be held. Let’s take a look at it!

A Grand Open Concept Design

At just over 2,900 square feet, this mammoth home has a wealth of room both upstairs and downstairs. The kitchen, living and dining areas are spread out and all of its elegance is within view as you enter. The living area has lemon-colored walls that fit perfectly with island décor. The dining area has a beautiful wooden set that’s naturally lit with vast windows that surround the home.

A Gourmet Kitchen

The kitchen comes with a glass-infused concrete countertop, custom-ivory cabinets and shelves that line the walls. They’re complimented gorgeously by stainless-steel appliances. Even the vent hood over the island stove matches perfectly with the drop lights coming down from the 10-foot ceilings.

Sleeping in Style

The first of four bedrooms is rose-colored and has a closet with custom built-in dressers, shelves, cabinets and drawers. It also has its own bathroom with a stand-up shower with multicolored tiling. The next room is lime-colored and also comes with a connecting bathroom with the same colors. The third room looks as if it came straight from the Gulf of Mexico. Its light blue walls and aquatic theme fit right in for a home on South Padre Island. The fourth bedroom comes next!

The Second Floor Suite

The second-floor master suite obviously comes with plenty of space, but if that’s not enough, there are two hidden closets for more storage. The top level also has an office, utility room and a spacious outdoor patio. On the patio is a spiral staircase that takes you to the third-floor observation area to view the fireworks show!

Make an Appointment Today

This one-of-a-kind home is a perfect getaway for the family on this Fourth of July and many future ones as well. Troy Giles Realty wants to help you make it your family’s vacation home. Make an appointment today with our realtors in South Padre Island to learn more!