Home Owner’s Association Management Services

Quality – Service – Communication – Price – Satisfaction

Troy Giles Realty & Management has pledged to strive for excellence in giving Island and Laguna Madre Area property owners and visitors the service they deserve. This pledge can be attributed to emphasis placed on five important elements:

Quality – Our service is better and continually improving. Our staff, equipment, and facilities always meet and in most cases exceed industry standards.

Service – Our business is service. Our fast, efficient, and professional service is hard to beat. The tourism industry required and demands no less.

Communication – Troy Giles Realty and Management takes pride in having two full-time, top-level administrators at the head of our organization in addition to three full-time Property Management administrators and Administrative Assistants all working together to keep each other informed. Add the executive ability of our professional real estate associates, and you receive the word of a competent decision-maker in quick response to your needs.

Price – Fairness is most important. Our system is rendered at a fair rate. We are prepared to meet the price and terms of other reputable sources for comparable services.

Satisfaction – We guarantee complete satisfaction. If for any reason you are not pleased, let us know, and adjustments will be made. We are well aware of the importance of keeping you happy.


Property Management

To collect, deposit, disburse, account for, and be responsible for the monthly condominium maintenance fees:

  • Invoices to homeowners
  • Monthly statements to homeowners
  • Deposits of HOA Funds
  • Verifying and paying bills from vendors providing services
  • Reconciliation of all bank accounts
  • Full monthly financial reports as listed under Administrative Property Management
  • Collections of overdue accounts
  • Maintenance of electronic files of all property document and transaction

Property Management

To take care of, contract, and supervise, and discharge all maintenance, repairs, and contact services for the association:

  • 24-hour on-call response to emergencies or disturbances
  • Daily inspection of property
  • Working closely with the Board President and appointed committee chairman
  • Contracting with vendors
  • Inspection and verification of all work provided by contractors
  • Maintaining all equipment and improvements
  • Grounds keeping of common areas
  • Preventative action in the face of storm or other damage

Property Management

To provide constant communication to all HOA Board Members regarding any issue involving the property:

  • Communication with homeowners regarding meetings and other important issue including proxy forms, prepared agendas, and modification of by-laws
  • Preparation of annual budget
  • Review and recommendation of insurance
  • Full monthly financial reports to the board including year-to-date balance sheet, profit/loss statements, budget comparisons, accounts receivable, accounts payable
  • Full annual financial report to the board
  • Homeowner directory of address, email address, and telephone numbers
  • Minute of meetings
  • Changes of title