South Padre Island’s Jailbreak Event and a Look at a Beautiful Unit at La Concha!

The Jailbreak South Padre Island 5K race is almost here, so mark your calendars for this very popular event! On Saturday, May 5th, the beaches of South Padre Island will be transformed into 20 barriers spread over three-and-a-half miles in a grueling test of endurance. The race will begin and end at Clayton’s Beach Bar, which is convenient since all runners, or jailbreakers, will receive a beer post-race. This event is just one of many held at South Padre Island that attracts thousands from across the state.
If you’re one to participate in fun, citywide events, then residing at South Padre Island is a viable option since it’s a beautiful location known for flawless beaches and clear skies almost year-round! If you’re on the market for a residence in this unforgettable city, then read on below for more info!

Feeling Great on Gulf Boulevard

Catch up on your rest right by the beach at a gorgeous condominium at La Concha. This beachfront condo has three bedrooms and two bathrooms spread over 1,200 square feet. It’s fully furnished in a contemporary style that also features an open-living design, so there’s enough room for all. The living area also has an entrance to a balcony that shows off the Gulf’s waters, so the view is incredible.

A Classy Kitchen

Sitting next to the living area is a classy kitchen in all white surrounded by granite countertops and custom cabinetry. There’s plenty of room on the splash bar as well. There’s even a pantry for extra room, and both the kitchen and living areas have tile floors. Also included is a dishwasher.

Enough Room for Everyone

Each bedroom in this condo has enough space for multiple people. The master bedroom is downstairs along with the kitchen and living areas and comes with a comfy king-sized bed. This bedroom also features skylights to help accentuate the atmosphere of South Padre Island.
The second floor is where you’ll find the other spacious bedrooms as well as a snug loft. These two rooms each have two twin-sized beds, giving each a comfy setting. One of these bedrooms also has an entrance to another balcony, this time with a second-story view facing the beach! There’s also a redesigned tile bathroom.

Steps Away from the Fun

Possibly the best part of this condo is the amount of luxuries that are only steps away. In the courtyard, you’ll find an enormous pool with patio furniture for all of your house guests to chill out by the water. Nearby, you’ll also find a game room and an-onsite laundry facility. And, of course, there’s a walkway that easily takes you to the beach.

Get Started Today

This piece of South Padre Island real estate is located in the heart of a beautiful beachside community, and we want to help you make it your dream vacation home. Don’t miss any more of South Padre Island’s exciting events; consider becoming a resident! Contact our realtors in South Padre Island today to set up an appointment.

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