South Padre Island’s New Year Event and Why You Should Become a Resident!

If you’re wondering where you and your family should celebrate the new year, consider taking a trip to the beautiful beaches of South Padre Island. This tourist haven contains some of the most alluring beaches in Texas. With average December temperatures in the 70s, it’ll be pleasant and comfortable. You can get all of the perks of the holidays without the cold weather!

Plus, South Padre Island has events happening all year, so if you fall in love with the city (We know you will!), know that there are many available residences for purchase or renting. We’ll go over what the island has to offer along with a residence that we know you’ll love.

With over 40 years of experience, Troy Giles Realty has helped countless people find the beautiful getaway condos that they’ve always wanted. We want to do the same for you, so contact our realtors in South Padre Island today.

The South Padre Island Polar Bear Dip

The northern tradition has found its way down to South Padre Island and everyone is invited! The South Padre Island Polar Bear Dip happens every New Year’s Day and takes place at Clayton’s Beach Bar. Registration begins at 10:00 AM with the actual plunge happening at noon. Average temperatures for this time of year at the island are 71°, and sea temperatures are typically in the 70s as well, so it’ll be a great swim. There’ll be live music, and dressing up in your favorite costume is encouraged. The Polar Bear Dip is fun for the whole family!

Where to Stay

The Dolphin Condos are the perfect location for families wanting to get away for the weekend or couples wanting to soak up the sun. Located along Gulf Boulevard, this property is only steps away from sandy beaches at Beach Access 9. If the beach isn’t your preference, then you can relax by the pool or hot tub located indoors.

Inside the Dolphin

As you step into the residence at 3101 Gulf boulevard, you’ll be floored by the amount of room this property has. The open design connects the living room and the dining area, and is filled with contemporary décor and tiled flooring. The kitchen features stainless steel appliances surrounded by white-colored custom-cabinetry that makes the kitchen truly beautiful. There’s also a splash bar with three bar stools to go along with the large dining table.

Enough for Everyone

Once again, the amount of room this terrific piece of real estate offers is incredible. There are two second-floor bedrooms that each contain a queen-sized bed. Then, there’s the middle corridor between the two rooms that also has a pair of twin-sized beds, leaving enough room for everyone to sleep over. The master bedroom has an outdoor patio with an excellent view. Each room also come with its own restroom and furniture as well.

Let’s Jump Right in!

Since 1974, Troy Giles Realty has helped South Padre Island grow into the community it is today, and we want to make you a part of it by becoming a resident! Contact our realtors today to take a tour of one of our listed properties!

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