Get Lost in These Luxurious South Padre Island Realty Properties

If staying indoors is giving you the blues, escape to paradise with our SPI realtor’s favorite properties. South Padre Island is home to many natural wonders such as incredible sea life, and family fun! We feature a variety of beach houses, commercial properties, and condos you can find for sale on South Padre Island. Take a look... read more

Make Your Spring Memorable by Purchasing a Townhouse Located at 6109 Laguna Circle

This spring enjoy the wonders of South Padre Island! Although the Coronavirus outbreak has put a bit of a damper on many businesses and restaurants across the Rio Grande Valley, that shouldn’t stop you from finding the perfect residence on SPI! If you’re looking to relocate your family to the center of beautiful weather and... read more

Enjoy Spring Break in South Padre Island at 216 W. Georgia Ruth Drive!

Are your vacation plans set for Spring Break? If it doesn’t include living in South Padre Island, then you’re missing out! The island offers activities for the whole family, including shopping, dining, and exciting nightlife. There is no better way to enjoy Spring Break in South Padre Island then by finishing the day at a... read more

Take a Look at This Condo for Sale at Los Corales Tower in South Padre Island!

There’s nothing more romantic than spending Valentine’s Day weekend on the beach. South Padre Island provides entertainment, beautiful scenery, and an incredible nightlife that can each make the weekend memorable! You can also make your vacation a little more enjoyable by considering purchasing an SPI condo. The great thing about these residences is that the comfort... read more

Start the Year with a Profitable Commercial Property at 8505 Padre Blvd.!

If 2020 is the year you’ve chosen to start your business, then consider a commercial property on South Padre Island! SPI is a hub for entertainment and tourism year-round. Real estate is also very picturesque, such as a prime piece of property located at 8505 Padre Blvd. Learn more about the advantages of this commercial... read more

Start 2020 in Peaceful Bliss at 122 E. Aries Dr. on South Padre Island

If you’ve been putting off finding the perfect island property for your family, then we suggest touring one of the many beach homes and condominiums for sale on South Padre Island. Not only can you find the perfect waterfront property, but you can also experience the joy of island living! Find out more about a... read more

Start the Year Off Right with this Condominium at the Villas Condos of South Padre!

Does the year 2020 include finding that beach home you’ve always wanted? If so, make your stay at a beautiful condominium in South Padre Island! Condos are an excellent alternative for people who enjoy the accommodations of home without having to pay for repairs, should any arise. Read about the fantastic comforts provided by the... read more

Enjoy the Holiday Season at This Condo Located at 5106A Gulf Blvd.

Is your family begging for a minivacation? If so, make your stay at a condominium on South Padre Island for the holidays! There are many ways to enjoy the spirit of the season without making a huge fuss, such as attending a Christmas Day Buffet at the Hilton Garden Inn! Make this season memorable by... read more

Enjoy Beautiful Weather and Island Living on South Padre Island with This 3-Story Residence!

Are you looking for a new vacation spot to celebrate the holidays? If so, then enjoy island living at a condominium at South Padre Island! The community offers plenty of festivities for every family member, such as the upcoming Tree Lighting Ceremony or the Lighted Boat Parade. SPI condos are perfect for families who want... read more

3 Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays at this Condo for Sale on South Padre Island

Picking a new beach vacation spot for the holidays can be an exciting time for the family, but it can also mean investing many hours to find the perfect beach home. Fortunately, Troy Giles Realty can help you find the most elegant homes and condos for sale on South Padre Island, such as this one... read more

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