Lantern Fest 2016, Another Event You Can Enjoy as a Resident of South Padre Island!

Residing in South Padre island has amazing perks: beautiful, year-round weather, a safe and welcoming community and beautiful beaches right in your backyard. But one of the most overlooked advantages is the number of events that take place around the city. Possibly the most unforgettable experience at SPI is Lantern Fest, which will take place... read more

Three Spots to Consider Living at on South Padre Island!

South Padre Island features all types of properties. The homes available in this beautiful location can vary from modern décor, to classic beach style, to high-rise skyscraper. With so many choices, it’s no wonder that South Padre Island attracts countless visitors each year, both those vacationing and purchasing real estate on the island. The opportunity... read more

Property for Everyone: A Look at What We Can Help You Find

Picture this: a seaside resort community with beautiful weather throughout most of the year, the warmth of a small town and nightlife rivaling that of a metropolis. Does such a place exist? Yes, and it’s called South Padre Island. This beautiful location also possesses some of the finest beachfront real estate available. Contact us today... read more

Troy Giles Realty Wants You to Step into Luxury at The Boardwalk

What do you do when an elegant set of condominiums at South Padre Island, that usually has no vacancies, finally has a condo available? Opportunities like these are few and far between, but Troy Giles Realty is happy to talk about one of its properties on this beautiful island. Call Troy Giles Realty today to... read more

Mark Your Calendars for Our Open House Tours!

Making the decision to purchase a beachfront home isn’t exactly easy, and actually looking around for the right real estate property can be even more challenging. Don’t worry, Troy Giles Realty wants for you to know that we host several open houses each year where we showcase the properties we have for sale on South... read more

By Living in South Padre Island, You Can Participate in “Sand Castle Days”!

Sand Castle Days is just one of the many activities that takes place at South Padre Island, making it an attraction that locals and visitors can enjoy in October! So, pack up the kids and head across the causeway because this event is back for its 29th year starting on October 6th and concluding on... read more

Consider One of Our Properties in Long Island Village as Your Next Residence!

The annual migration of Winter Texans is almost upon us, and when that happens, Troy Giles Realty will be ready. Welcoming our neighbors from the north is a yearly tradition and, of course, we’re always happy to see them. Most Winter Texans already have second residences in the Rio Grande Valley, but for those considering... read more

Attention Retirees: Consider South Padre Island as a Second Home!

When approaching retirement age, many Americans first decide whether or not to relocate to a new area. It’s a decision that can take weeks or months to decide. Money will also play a role in their decision-making process. If relocating is decided, consider if the best route would be owning or renting a property. Troy... read more

Investing in Relaxation with Troy Giles Realty

Are you looking for a new investment property that can build value over time? How about one that’s located next to an amazing collection of spas and fitness centers that you know the Mrs. will love? It can be difficult to have both, but luckily South Padre Island has the locations your better half will... read more

By Living on South Padre Island, You’ll Have These Perks to Look Forward To!

South Padre Island has been attracting people from all over the world with its sandy beaches, world-class fishing and wildlife tourism for years. With so much going on at this beautiful island, it’s simple to understand why so many flock to our location each year. Troy Giles Realty has seen first-hand just how popular the... read more

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