Consider One of Our Properties in Long Island Village as Your Next Residence!

The annual migration of Winter Texans is almost upon us, and when that happens, Troy Giles Realty will be ready. Welcoming our neighbors from the north is a yearly tradition and, of course, we’re always happy to see them. Most Winter Texans already have second residences in the Rio Grande Valley, but for those considering... read more

Attention Retirees: Consider South Padre Island as a Second Home!

When approaching retirement age, many Americans first decide whether or not to relocate to a new area. It’s a decision that can take weeks or months to decide. Money will also play a role in their decision-making process. If relocating is decided, consider if the best route would be owning or renting a property. Troy... read more

Investing in Relaxation with Troy Giles Realty

Are you looking for a new investment property that can build value over time? How about one that’s located next to an amazing collection of spas and fitness centers that you know the Mrs. will love? It can be difficult to have both, but luckily South Padre Island has the locations your better half will... read more

By Living on South Padre Island, You’ll Have These Perks to Look Forward To!

South Padre Island has been attracting people from all over the world with its sandy beaches, world-class fishing and wildlife tourism for years. With so much going on at this beautiful island, it’s simple to understand why so many flock to our location each year. Troy Giles Realty has seen first-hand just how popular the... read more

Why You Should Choose Us to be Your Realtors

So you’ve made the decision to seek out a beautiful beachfront home or open a new business. When making large purchases, especially in an area you’re not too familiar with, finding a competent and well-adjusted realtor should be your first task. Realtors are fully aware of the home market, offering you a better insight of... read more

Purchase Beautiful Real Estate at South Padre Island and Take Advantage of These Great Activities!

It’s a tradition for many to roll their windows down and let the island breeze blow across their faces as they cross the Queen Isabella Bridge. It shows they’ve left the mainland behind and crossed over into paradise. For many, this is followed by settling down in a comfortable condo, ready to relax for the... read more

Find Beautiful Property at South Padre Island and Enjoy Many Exciting Events!

What could be more exciting than finding a beautiful piece of seaside land? South Padre Island has several areas available for purchase, and the location itself is known for hosting many exciting events each year that appeal to different interests! We understand that purchasing property can be time-consuming and expensive, but with Troy Giles Realty,... read more

Why You Should Open Your Business at South Padre Island

South Padre Island is known for attracting visitors near and far. According to the South Padre Island EDC, out of the over 4 million people who make their way to this beautiful location each year, most come from the surrounding communities of the Rio Grande Valley. This is the perfect location for a business looking... read more

New Years on South Padre Island

Headed to the Island to ring in 2016? Let us help you find the best place to celebrate! Hilton Garden Inn Dec 31, 2015 Midnight Admission: FREE Welcome 2016 with Fireworks on the beach at midnight on the night of December 31, 2015! Best viewable from the Hilton Garden Inn, La Quinta Inn & Suites,... read more

2015 Christmas Parade

The SPI Holiday Parade will be held on Friday, December 11, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.  If you are planning to participate in the Parade, please complete the form below. Registrations are due by Tuesday, December 1, 2015. No entry fee to take part in the event. Cash awards in each category and prize monies will... read more

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