South Padre Island’s New Year Event and Why You Should Become a Resident!

If you’re wondering where you and your family should celebrate the new year, consider taking a trip to the beautiful beaches of South Padre Island. This tourist haven contains some of the most alluring beaches in Texas. With average December temperatures in the 70s, it’ll be pleasant and comfortable. You can get all of the... read more

Living on South Padre Island to be Closer to its Natural Side

South Padre Island is a nature lover’s paradise. Located off of the southern tip of Texas, this location is home to several nature preserves and wildlife habitats. Being located in a sub-tropical climate means the area is home to over 300 days of sunshine a year. This vacation destination welcomes millions of visitors each year,... read more

Having a Christmas Weekend Holiday at South Padre Island with Great Events and a Beautiful Residence!

Every year when the holidays roll around, it’s easy to fall into the routine of celebration. Remaining indoors is no way to spend Christmas, though, especially when there’s sunshine almost year-round in the Valley. If you’ve been thinking about relocating the family to a friendly, beautiful and welcoming locale, then consider South Padre Island! Not... read more

South Padre Island, the Perfect Location to Reside for the Marathoner

Over time, South Padre Island has gone from a Spring Break destination to a year-round vacation hotspot for all ages. Whether you’re looking for a place to stay with the family during the holidays or a peaceful retirement community to settle down during your golden years, South Padre Island is the place to be. This... read more

Embrace Cozy Bliss on South Padre Island at the Landfall Tower

One of the best and most comfortable residences of South Padre Island just hit the market, and there’s plenty of reason for excitement! Imagine being able to visit your very own condo with the family that sits right on the water without having to worry about finding one to rent or borrow for the weekend.... read more

An Enticing Home by the Bay at 5904 N. Laguna Circle North

Making a short drive to South Padre Island for a weekend getaway with that special someone or your family is one of the best aspects of living in the Rio Grande Valley. Unfortunately, finding the best place to spend a couple of nights can burn a large hole in your wallet, especially if you make... read more

Living in the Heart of South Padre Island on Campeche Street!

Finding the perfect spot to spend a weekend getaway at South Padre Island can be a real hassle, especially during periods where large crowds are likely to gather in this beautiful city. If you happen to own a residency at the island, then you won’t have to worry about having to book a hotel room... read more

Explore a Stunning Piece of South Padre Island Real Estate at the Las Olas Condominiums

Along the beaches of South Padre Island lies one of the most appealing sets of condominiums in South Texas. Located in the heart of this resort city and only steps away from the beach are the Las Olas Condominiums. With a classy and elegant style to go along with a perfect location, this collection of... read more

A Spanish-Style Colonial Home at The Villas is Now Available at South Padre Island!

A property in one of the most upscale neighborhoods on South Padre Island has just become available and now is your chance to be its owner! There are countless amenities available within this community, the best is the Gulf of Mexico being just steps away from the property! Prime real estate like this usually isn’t... read more

The Las Velas Village: A Beautiful Condo on South Padre Island Just for You!

As you drive over the Queen Isabella Causeway and north on Padre Boulevard in South Padre Island, the sea breeze hits you and it’s hard not to what it would be like to live here. Imagine the possibility of waking up to a sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico and witnessing a sunset on the... read more

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